‘Creating Healthy Spaces’ is Renson’s mission: to allow everyone to enjoy a healthy and pleasant indoor climate thanks to ventilation and sun protection on the one hand, but also to create comfortable outdoor living all year round.

The latter is, thanks to its ‘Outdoor Living’ department, currently Renson’s biggest area of growth around the world. This is also the reason why Renson is currently building a brand-new Outdoor Experience Centre in the Prijkels. This is where the production of everything to do with Outdoor Living comes in, including terrace coverings, carports, façade cladding, garden walls and lighting, benches and planters, etc. Plus, there is also room here for a test centre, training facilities, offices, and a showroom of no less than 10,000 m².

By the way, we won’t be operating that showroom on our own. We will do this together with other manufacturers of high-quality outdoor products such as garden furniture, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, etc. We want to immerse visitors in a dream world where all the elements in the garden match perfectly. In short, it’s a comprehensive garden experience.


Wasn’t it Noah who, according to tradition, once saved all the animals in the world from the Flood using his Ark? With flamingos (spring), antelopes (autumn), cheetahs (summer), and polar bears (winter) in the Renson outdoor living campaign images per season, it is no coincidence that his name served as inspiration for this brand-new Outdoor Living Experience Centre in the Prijkels.

Just as Noah united all the animals on his Ark, this project is also a ‘cross-brand’ story for Renson. Together with partners who share the same vision to put comfortable outdoor living on the radar, we aim to create an exceptional experience centre here… in which all aspects of high-end outdoor living are covered, for a comprehensive experience in the garden and around the entire house.


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